A collection of formulas for Dragon Tiger Online, a brutal card game

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Including formulas for Dragon Tiger online a brutal card game anyone who has ever tried playing Dragon Tiger cards Whether in a casino or in online casino Everyone said in the same voice that it was the most brutal gambling card game as its name suggests. With the speed of finishing the UFABET game in just a few seconds. Decide who loses or wins with a single card. Makes this type of card game get quite a bit of attention from gamblers. Today I will take everyone to get to know each other how they play Tiger-Dragon cards and how to use the Tiger-Dragon formula online. Which ones can be used to make money? Let’s go and see.

A collection of formulas for Dragon Tiger Online, a brutal card game

How to play dragon tiger online

For how to play Dragon Tiger card, the steps are as follows.

  1. All players must place bets within the time specified by the dealer. Most of the time, it usually takes no more than 50 seconds. Whoever puts it slower, has to wait to play the next round. Therefore, think about what to bet on in the next round.
  2. In placing bets, you can choose to bet on 3 sides: Tiger wins (Tiger) or Dragon wins (Dragon) or tie game (Tie Game) Sometimes there will be for us to choose to bet on even-odd, black-red, which will have different payout rates.
  3. In the case of bets on even-odd, black-red, bets are only allowed during the first 50 eyes. After that, only Tiger, Dragon and Tie slots are left that can be bet.
  4. The Dragon Tiger suit will not affect the card size. And will count the points starting from A = 1, 2, 3, …, 10, J = 11, Q = 12 and K = 13.
  5. as soon as the bet is closed The dealer will start dealing cards.
  6. The dealer turns over each side’s cards to measure their points. If any side has more points, it will win.
  7. In the event that the result is a tie Bets on Tiger and Dragon will be deducted by half. and return the remainder to the player