Online that rarely anyone talks about Dragon Tiger formula

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Believe it or not, with 6 decks of cards used to play. Dragon tiger online It has more than eighty thousand card layouts. And it is almost impossible for us to predict events in a split second. The Dragon Tiger formula is therefore a great tool that will help us have more chances to win. which are commonly used

Odd playing formula in the first 50 eyes is a golden opportunity for us to bet even-odd. The way to use the formula is to bet on odds in the first 20 eyes to see the card layout, bet on pairs in the next 20 eyes, then the last 10 eyes come back to bet on odds. This means that we bet on odds a total of 30 times. We have to do this because there is a greater chance of getting an odd card if using 5 decks of cards to play.

Online that rarely anyone talks about Dragon Tiger formula

Dragon’s tail formula, let’s see which side wins in a row for 3-4 rounds, then let us bet on it. In most cases, the dragon tail card layout will come out in a row for a maximum of 5-6 rounds.

Table tennis formula or another name is to bet on the opposite side. We will look at the card layout first to see whether it alternates winning or losing. If alternately, use the method of stabbing traps, for example, leaving a tiger, dragon, tiger, the next round we can stab the dragon and wait.

Formula for betting on you Because every gambling game has a House Edge value that helps online casinos advantage over us We therefore use this UFABET point to create an advantage for us by stabbing on the dealer side. But to use this formula, you must also look at whether the cards are on his side or not.

Double-eyed stab formula Anyone who has low capital or wants to play for a long time, recommend using this Dragon Tiger formula. We will use the lowest betting method as low as possible. And we will only roll up the bets in the next round when we win. Then come back and start placing the lowest bet again. For example, in the first round, bet 50 baht, win the second round, bet 100 baht, win the third round, bet 50 baht, because the first two rounds we have already profited 150 this round, so use the old capital. What if the second round loses? Then go back and bet low until you win. In this way, even if we only win 2 out of 5, it’s still not considered a loss.

Target lock formula This is a financial plan for our play, how many baht will we play today? How much profit will you take? How many baht will you lose? If any target is reached first, then quit. When playing, do not use profit per capital When you lose, don’t hurry to get it back. More importantly, when setting goals, they must be strictly followed. This formula will be successful.