Rules dragon tiger

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For the rules of playing Tiger and Dragon. It’s not complicated. Just we choose to bet on which side will win between Tiger and Dragon or can predict a tie (Tie). In each round, there will be only 15 time to place bets. – 40 seconds. Depending on which table is set up and as soon as the bet is closed. The dealer will then deal cards to both the Tiger and Dragon side 1 card each. Before deciding the win or loss result.

Rules dragon tiger

Dragon Tiger How to count points?

For counting the Dragon Tiger card points. Look at only the face of the UFABET card, starting from

A cards are worth 1 point.

Numbered face cards 2 – 10 have points according to the face number.

The J card is worth 11 points.

The Q card is worth 12 points.

The K card is worth 13 points.

How to bet on Dragon Tiger and payout rates

To bet on the Dragon Tiger card , players can place their chips on the betting table by choosing to guess.

  1. Tiger wins, if the tiger side has more points, it wins. The payout rate is 1 time, excluding capital.
  2. Dragon wins, if Dragon’s side has more points, it wins. The payout rate is 1 times, excluding capital as well.
  3. Tie If both sides have the same points. The payout rate is 8 times, excluding capital.

However, if we predict that Tiger or Dragon wins, if the result is a draw, we will only lose half of the bet.